At Epitomers Distribution, securing your sensitive information is our top concern. Therefore, you should know how we collect and use your personal details. Read this privacy policy to know more!

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Your required Personal Information:
When you visit and navigate across our website, we see what best interests you; products and services you love and prefer. Therefore, we collect specific information pertaining to your device and demographics. These particular details include your country, geographic location, regional time zone, approx., session duration, best visiting hours, and browser cookies.

In addition, we also analyze user-based Google search terms and keywords to help us better understand our clients and their needs. Overall, every bit of information we collect from you is intended to provide you with the best products and services. Also, gives you that special personalized on-site user experience. Other DI (Device Information) details include your name, gender, age, contact number, email address, billing address, and preferred payment methods.

How we use your sent information:
The main reason behind collecting your personal information is to ensure product fulfillment through our website. Such specifics comprise your payment information, shipping details, invoices, and product confirmation screenshots.
Moreover, every bit of personal data we collect enables better communication between seller and buyer – us and you. It also helps us better understand your desired products and any concerns that may arise over time. Best for last, the information we gather helps us evade any looming scammers and fake user profiles imitating our valued buyers.

Sharing your personal information:
We may share your personal information with our partners and verified third parties to provide you with personalized shopping experiences. Rest assured, your personal details and other relevant data are secure with us; and our collaborators. If you still have any queries or concerns regarding our privacy policy? No problem! Here’s the Shopify privacy policy comprising standardized statements to help clear your thoughts:

Please read the rules and regulations presented by Google and how Google Analytics works in this context. Click on the links below:

Showing Personalized Ads:
Are you bothered by those pop-up ads that show up on your screens taking you by surprise? Please do not worry because Epitomers Distribution collects and analyzes your buying habits and personal information to transmit targeted ads. We assure your personal information and browsing history are encrypted and stored in our dependable servers backed with reliable data security software. Read about targeted ads and how they may affect you here:

Customers’ privacy: Our top priority:

Epitomers Distribution reiterates and says every now and then how our customers’ personal information is for us, of utmost importance. You may disable targeted ads we sent your way by simply checking the “Do Not Track” option from your browser settings.

Retaining and Deletion of User Data:

We keep track of your favorite product inclination and your preferred items on our website and for very good reasons. First, it helps us understand your personal choices and predict products you may buy in the future. Secondly, it brings to light our core strengths and dismal deficiencies and helps us become better wholesale suppliers in due course. Rest assured, user personal information is stored in secured cloud servers and at our gated facilities.

Note: We never compromise your personal information to gain money and fame by illicit data-sharing misconduct. Albeit we delete user profiles and data after a particular time passes. But we’re open to wiping away your data at any time upon your command. You can call us directly or apprise us about your data deletion decision via email.

Regular Policy Updates:

Since the world is progressing fast, so are our policies; by keeping them accustomed to the recent online wholesale business protocols. Therefore, you must keep a consistent check of our legal terms and user guidelines; privacy policy, terms & conditions, etc. We insist and restate for keeping a close check on our policies in case of any changes/updates.

Below-21 Restrictions:

Since Epitomers Distribution isn’t your everyday retailer or a commonplace outlet down the street, juveniles and young adults under the age of 21 aren’t allowed here. In other words, we do not conduct business nor make direct or indirect deals with folks aged 21 or below.

Contact us:

You can send your queries and concerns on the Epitomers Distribution platform. Any suggestions for helping us become better are also welcome. After all, our primary objective is to provide you with the best product offerings and excellent customer experience.

So, feel free to share your commendations and complaints here: may also contact us directly on our number: (302) 295 0888  and talk to our representatives.