TYMO AIRHYPE High-speed Hair Dryer ( 3 nozzles ) with ALCI

Professional Hair Dryer with High-Speed Drying and Quiet Operation – TYMO high-speed hair dryer features a powerful 110,000RPM brushless motor that provides a strong airflow up to 23 m/s, resulting in ultra fast drying experience. Its compact design ensures comfortable use, making it perfect for professionals and home users. With a low noise level, you can enjoy a peaceful styling experience, making it perfect for early morning routines. HD Display with Adjustable Settings – With four heat settings (Room Temperature/140?/180?/210?) and three speed settings (Gentle/Medium/Fast), the TYMO hair dryer allows you to customize your drying experience. Its HD LCD display makes it easy to adjust the settings to suit your hair type. 500 Times/s Thermo Control – The TYMO blow dryer features dual smart T-Sensor that monitors the heat output 500 times/s to provide even and precise heat, reducing the risk of hair damage from high heat. Three Magnetic Attachments for Versatile Styling – The TYMO hair dryer comes with three attachments – a smoothing nozzle, a comb nozzle, and an adjustable diffuser. The prongs of the diffuser can be adjusted up and down to suit different drying needs, making it ideal for curly hair. Millions of Negative Ions for Silky Results and Reduced Frizz – The TYMO hair dryer produces millions of negative ions during the drying process, helping your hair stay silky without frizz, giving you a salon-quality finish every time.

  • UPC # HC601
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