TYMO Porta portable hair straightening brush (with quick charger)

MINI CORDLESS DESIGN, GRAB AND GO: Weighing only 234g, this straightening brush is designed for ease of use and portability. The cordless feature means you can use it anywhere without worrying about finding an outlet or dealing with a tangled cord. TOUCH UPS ON THE GO: The safety locker is designed to provide unauthorized turn-on and accident burn, worked by cutting off the power. Also, come with a travel bag to keep your belongings organized. Grab it and touch up your hairstyle anytime. ONE CHARGE FOR 2-3 USES: This straightening brush features a 3200mAh large-capacity, rechargeable battery that can be conveniently charged using the included USB Type-C cable. You can use it for up to 30 minutes with just one charge. FRIZZ-FREE RESULTS: 50 million negative ions are released during straightening, work by neutralizing positive ions, which are responsible for causing static and frizz, for achieving a smooth, shiny, and frizz-free look without the need for harsh chemicals or excessive heat. GENTLE ON HAIR: The brush’s teeth are coated with our exclusive T-GLOSS ceramic material, which is twice as smooth as ordinary materials, reduces 50% frizz cause by friction. This means effortlessly glides through without pulling, resulting in less damage.

  • UPC # HC120
  • ASIN # B0B9XC59GD
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