Greetings and welcome to Epitomers Distribution; an online order shipping company for bulk and wholesale consignments. We are delighted to provide buyers with a secure transport channel where they can order their required products in bulk quantities at the best competitive prices.

But before you proceed skimming through our miscellaneous categories encompassing every daily commodity and brand luxury, read our terms and conditions that govern our relationship with you, our valued customers:

1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
By accessing and using our services it will be apparent that you comply with our agreed terms; and that you’ve read our legal terms and user policies beforehand. If you disagree with these terms, please refrain from using our services which might ensue consequent legal actions.

2. Eligibility
Our online wholesale services in the USA, Canada, or anywhere else in the world are open to all. If you run a business or are an individual merchant requiring products in bulk quantity, you’re most welcome and have the legal capacity to understand and confirm to our use of service agreements

3. Account Registration

To place orders first you need to create an account on our website and become a registered member. Please maintain your account and keep it up to date by providing us the correct information as per your national cards and documents. We promise to keep all your personal information and other relevant data confidential.

Any indication of unauthorized use may be subjected to prosecution and termination of your account on the Epitomers Distribution platform; it would be in best interest for both you and us that you report to us immediately if you sense any slightest misuse of your account.

4. Product Information
We remain vigilant while making efforts and updates to product information; their brand names, types/versions, images, specifications, and prices. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of this information amid price increases and susceptible human error so we reserve the right to correct any miscalculations and omissions.

5. Order Placement
To ensure your placed order carries through the procurement and shipping process smoothly, correct information with accurate bank account details are prerequisite. We may refuse or cancel orders at our discretion but only for substantially sound whys and wherefores.
Cessation of product conveyance is also likely to happen when there are order discrepancies; incorrect account information, wrong order details, payment issues, product unavailability, etc.

6. Pricing and Payment
Since prices are subject to change without prior notice by manufacturers, brands, and parent companies, payments must be made in full before order processing and shipment. We accept multiple payment methods which will be presented to you during the checkout process.

7. Shipping and Delivery
Shipping fees and expected delivery times will be provided after you place your order. We try our best; strive and make efforts to dispatch consignments promptly and deliver your bulk wholesale orders at the appointed time. However, shipment delays can occur due to external factors and other unprecedented and miscalculated reasons. So please bear with us amid bad weather, transport issues, pending arrears, and customs.

8. Returns and Exchange
We have a return and exchange policy written separately for damaged, misplaced, incomplete, and defective products. Please click here to read all the details pertaining to the return process, eligibility, estimated acceptance duration, and refunds.

9. Quality Assurance
We take pride in selling high-quality products and take every measure the shipments you receive are 100% top-grade and sealed with original items. However, we are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of those products. Please refer to the product label for warranty date and company information and contact them directly.

10. Privacy and Data Security
We value our customers’ privacy and ensure every personal information they provide is well-secured on our servers. Our privacy policy outlines every detail of online data practices and protocols; how we collect information and use it to provide every customer with a personalized shopping experience.

11. Intellectual Property
Epitomers Distribution is the sole owner of all trademarks, content, logos, and intellectual property you see on the website. You are not allowed to use them unauthorized or replicate them by any means whatsoever. If found guilty, you may face legal prosecution and other bound consequences.

12. Termination
We reserve every right to terminate or suspend your account or limit your access to our services without prior notice – at our discretion if you’re found violating our user service policies.

13. Amendments
We hold the right to update our terms and conditions and other policies at any moment without prior notice. So, you’re responsible for checking our legal terms and guidelines intermittently on the Epitomers Distribution website.

14. Governing Law
These terms and conditions (including other policies) are governed and construed as per US laws and the relevant local jurisdiction of our clients’ countries. Any disputes arising from these terms shall be subject to legal proceedings as per standard USA shipment rules and regulations.

15. Dispute Resolution
Any dispute, controversy, or claims that may arise out of or pertain to these terms and conditions, including those related to their formation, interpretation, breach of conduct, and termination, or any other disparities arising from or concerning your use of our services, should be noted.
In case negotiations or attempts at resolution fail within the apportioned 7 days of the dispute’s commencement, both parties may agree to pursue mediation or arbitration to expedite the resolution process. This last resort of legal battle of mediation is seen as resolute i.e., final and binding for both parties.

Contact Us
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions policy, want to lodge a complaint, or commend our shipment services. Send us an email @ or call us at our contact number (302) 295 0888 to talk directly to our representatives.